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Post 26, Top Ten Reasons for Gratitude in Adventism in 2011

Back in the 1980s, the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists was commissioned to undertake a major study of the ordination of women in Scripture and history. The Institute asked me to write a paper on … Continue reading

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Post 25, Moore is in Oz: Here is his light on an Adventist trouble

BOOK REVIEW A. Leroy Moore Questions on Doctrine Revisited! Keys to the Doctrine of the Atonement and Experience of At-one-ment.  Ithaca, Michigan, AB Publishing, 2005, 288 pages. Irish folk may speak obliquely of “the troubles” long blighting the Potato Isle. … Continue reading

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Post 24, More on the Ellen White Project: Portland and Beyond

As previously reported on this website, the Ellen White Project reached a high point on 27 October 2011, when the editors passed a book manuscript to a major academic publisher. This website will, from time to time, offer historical perspectives … Continue reading

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Post 23, Waggoner and 1888: An Excellent Biography

“The Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to His people through Elders Waggoner and Jones,” Testimonies to Ministers (page 91). That sentence is still one of the best-remembered statements from the copious writings of Ellen White about the … Continue reading

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Post 22, Encircling Gloom, Kindly Light: Seeing Glacier View with the Lantern of History

Note: Recently my grandson Braden Johnson, transferred documents from computers long dead to my iMac. Yesterday, an experienced researcher asked me about Glacier View. So I spent a few moments looking through old files and found this summary of much … Continue reading

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Post 21, Diversification: Engaging With Adventist Studies Since 2005

The writing of the past seven years has been driven by circumstances that I did not foresee well in 2004. Within the early months of 2005, several new books about Ellen White entered circulation. For authors and presses to invest … Continue reading

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Post 20, A Spotlight on Ellen White: 1980-2004

For some readers this will be an ultimately boring blog, but several readers want a follow-up from yesterday’s post about how I drifted into Ellen White Studies. Therefore, this piece outlines some of what I wrote during the 25 years … Continue reading

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