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Post 33, “The State of the Dead” and Faith, Hope and Love

The end of the old year can speak to us powerfully of the end of life; the start of a new year can remind us winsomely of the beginning of new life. Today’s meditation is a bit atypical, compared with … Continue reading

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Post 32, Whither Adventist Studies: Several doctoral studies point the way

Dear Reader, if you go to the archives of this website you will find a blog (dated 2 November 2011) about one of my favorite Old Testament exegetes, Dr Alden Thompson. There is no need to offer a biography of … Continue reading

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Post 31, Norman H. Young: Christmas through the eyes of a New Testament exegete

What does an Adventist who is also an exegete of the New Testament think about Christmas? Our e-mail inboxes have been filled constantly, during recent weeks, with messages from friends around the planet. Dr Norman Young and his wife Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Post 30, William Tyndale, the Sword and the Word

“As a good surgeon cutteth away a putrefyed member, for the love he hath for the hole body, least it infecte the others members adjoynge to it.” With those vivid, quaintly spelled words, the Bishop of London justified the martyrdom of … Continue reading

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Post 29, The Wesleys and the Background of Adventism

Note: It will help us to understand early Adventism if we explore the various movement from which Adventists came. Here is a short excursion into Methodism, along with Baptists the most important influence upon our pioneers. John Wesley was born … Continue reading

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Post 28, Thanking God for Scientists That I Know

On the morning of December 3, I received the following message from Dr James Gibson of the Geoscience Research Institute in the United States: The latest GRI Newsletter is now on-line at  Contents: Reports 3rd Conference on Teaching Origins, in … Continue reading

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Post 27, Apocalyptic, Adventism and America

Note: This volume is reviewed here because it is one of the outstanding publications (relating to Adventism) that appeared during the first decade of the 21st century. Seventh-day Adventists began as a marginalized fragment of the millennialist ferment that stirred … Continue reading

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