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Life Sketch of Arthur Nelson Patrick

Life Sketch of Arthur Nelson Patrick Feb 23, 1934 – March 8, 2013 The youngest child of Bertha Emma (nee Pocock) and William Nelson Patrick, Arthur was one of over 1000 babies delivered in the Cooranbong area by his aunt, … Continue reading

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Post 100, AUSTRALASIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS AND 1980: Toward an Historical Perspective and the Normalisation of Relationships

Since I first met Desmond Ford early in 1950, and he recommended me for acceptance as an Andrews University student in 1967, and called me as a member of his Department of Theology staff in 1973, we were comparatively close … Continue reading

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Post 99, Arthur Patrick and Angus McPhee on Revelation

It is not an easy task to enthuse people to read or study again Revelation when many might say they have suffered “Revelation fatigue” but one can only try. Dr Patrick does not appear to fall into the group of … Continue reading

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Post 98, Ellen White’s inspiration, in view of her use of the writings of John Milton

This paper is more fully entitled “The similarity between certain of Ellen White’s writings and John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’,” by Angus McPhee, Tuesday, February 19, 2013. Angus McPhee has been by my friend since 1958; his work on … Continue reading

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Post 97, Fresh light on William Miller and his Bible study

Exactly forty years ago I was standing in the library of Aurora College (Illinois, USA) with Dr Moses Crouse, then the leading historian of the Advent Christian Church. We were discussing the original letters and other handwritten documents of William … Continue reading

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Post 96, God, Christian Worldviews and Adventist Thought

Dr William Shippen gave Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) the controversial smallpox inoculation that ended his effervescent life. Later, Shippen who would be a representative at the Continental Congress. He also attended the untimely death of Edwards, and wrote as follows to … Continue reading

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Post 95, Andrews University After 36 Years

This short reflection was published five years ago in Andrews University Focus. It is more-or-less the story of how I started to engage with Adventist Studies. Early in December 1957, three wise men from North America arrived on the campus of … Continue reading

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